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Power Max 3


Two powerful vac service selections – POWER VAC (market price) and TURBO VAC (premium price) available at any time during the vend cycle. Your customers will appreciate having the choice… your business will benefit from the added profit potential.

Product Specifications


3 two-stage, 7.8 Amp, 1.2 HP each, bypass cooled.


4 filter bag system, 15 sq. ft. filtration area.

Airflow Power Vac Mode:

194 cfm, 87˝ suction (water lift).

Airflow Turbo Vac Mode:

290 cfm, 87˝ suction (water lift).

2˝ Diameter Hose: High flex vinyl, crushable in standard 15´ length, includes cuff and polyethylene hand tool.

Talos Bill Validator:

(300 std. bill stacker capacity).


2˝ Coin Mechanism:

Programmable electronic accepts different coins or tokens.

Dual Price Display Timer:

Industry leading, 1-31 coin electronic timers.

Tank and Cabinet:

18 gauge stainless steel with brushed finish.

Main Service Doors (3):

10 gauge stainless steel with 4 high strength Medeco® security locks.


Interior Vault Panels (2):

12 gauge stainless steel with internal lock and double doors.



120 VAC, 24 Amp.


4 mounted lugs for 1/2˝ bolts (concealed front bolts).

Unit Dimensions:

61˝ H x 22˝ W x 27˝ D.

Tank Dimensions:
48˝ H x 18.5˝ D.

Shipping Carton/Pallet Dimensions:
79”H x 32”W x 31”D.

Unit Weight:

Net 235 lbs., with shipper 275 lbs.

Options & Accessories

Two Powerful Vac Service Selections:

POWER VAC and TURBO VAC available at any time during the vend cycle. Your customers will appreciate having the choice… Your business will benefit from the added profit potential.

Talos Bill Validator provides the convenience of using bills in the machine. Significantly increases your revenues.

Intelligent Dual Display Timer allows customers to use both services during the same vending cycle.

Timer Displays elapsed time and tracks time remaining in the cycle. Provides yet another opportunity to create more profits.

Programmable Animated Message LED Display offers a variety of merchandising options. A great advertising billboard to create more impulse sales.

Illuminated Dome and Eye-catching Graphics grab the customers’ attention day or night. The more visible your vac, the more revenues you generate.

Greater Security:

The three-door design segregates service areas from the money vault. You’ll have more peace of mind.

Money Vault features our layered two-door security with separate key codes. This vault access design offers you even greater protection.

Our High Strength Service Door Locks are designed to foil prying and punching attempts. Keeping your profits secure is one of our top priorities.

Modular Control Panel and Multiple Circuit Status Indicator Lights make field service fast and easy. PowerMax 3 helps reduce service and maintenance costs.

Switchable From 2 to 3 Motors to deliver maximum cleaning power and greater customer satisfaction. We know how to provide opportunity for more repeat business.

Four Filter Bag:

High capacity vac filtration system ensures peak airflow. Cuts maintenance costs.

Dual Service Clean-out Access Doors. Save time and lower your maintenance costs.

Acceptor Options

CryptoPay Credit Card System

In-Ground vaults

Vac-It-Up® System

High Polished Mirror Finish

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