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IVS Arch Bay Vac System

Attract customers with this popular and custom look at your car wash. Our Swivel or fixed boom design keeps your hoses off the ground, clean, and are easy for your customers to use, the system can be ordered in a dual or single boom configuration. IVS engineered our ARCH BAY VACUUM SYSTEMS out of Stainless Steel to last with time, be weatherproof and incredibly durable. The boom arm can swivel 180°, or it can be locked into a fixed position. Comes with LED lighting.  Signage can be customized for your car wash’s branding. Vacuum can be controlled by a free vac push-button or a coin box.

Product Specifications

Single or Dual Arm:

Order with One or Two Vacuum Arms


Connects to any IVS Vacuum or Central Vac System


Constructed of Stainless Steel for Long Lasting Durability


Boom(s) can Swivel 180° or can be Fixed Stationary


Coin Box or Free Vac timer Options


Signage on Arch can be Custom Printed/Branded


Boom Arm:

120” long

Base Pole:

99” tall

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