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Fresh N' Up

Vacuum with Fragrance


Fragrance delivery system ensures clog-free vends. Decreases your downtime.


Service selection buttons let customers easily switch between vacuum and fragrance modes.  Reduces customer confusion and offers greater value.


  • Built-in Talos bill validator accepts $1 - $20 bills. Your customers will love the convenience. You’ll love the added profits!

  • High-tech modular control panel and multiple circuit status indicator lights make field service fast and easy.

  • Ultra-dependable which helps reduce your operating costs.

  • Three-door design segregates service areas from the money vault. Interior vault panels are keyed separately with Medeco® screw locks.


  • Our high strength service door locks, tightly fitting door panels, and reinforced side rails discourage vandalism and robbery. Keeping your profits secure is one of our top priorities.


  • Money vault features our layered two-door security. This vault access design offers you even greater protection.


  • High capacity vac filtration system for maximum airflow. Cuts your maintenance costs.

Product Specifications

Motors – two stage, 900w electric, by-pass. Filters – 4 filter bag system, 15 sq. ft. filtration area, synthetic media.

Airflow – 194 cfm, 87” suction (water lift).

2” 15’ Diameter Hose – high flex vinyl, crushable, includes cuff and polyethylene hand tool.

Air Compressor – Heavy-duty maintenance-free.

15 ft. Shampoo Delivery Hose – Cut-resistant internal steel braided delivery hose with switch-controlled delivery at application brush.

Bill Validator – Talos bill validator, 300 bill stacker cartridge (field- programmable for $1 - $20 U.S. currency only).


Coin Mechanism – Electronic type, field-programmable (accepts up to 1-inch diameter coins/tokens).


Dual Display Timer – Solid-state, high capacity controller individually times each service (2 sec. to 8.5 minutes per coin and
up to 15 coins to start).

Tank and Cabinet – 18 gauge stainless steel with brushed finish.


Service Doors (3) – 12 gauge stainless steel. Medeco interlacing cam locks; dual thickness on the vault door.


Interior Vault Panels (2) – 12 gauge stainless steel, Medeco screw locks.


Electrical – 120 VAC, 20 Amp. Easy service access.


Mounting – Two external mounted collars and two internal mounting lugs, securable with 3/8” bolts.


Unit Dimensions – 61”H x 22”W x 27”D.


Tank Dimensions – 18.5” D x 48”H.


Unit Weight – Net 270 lbs, with shipper 316 lbs. (add 36 lbs. to shipping weight when 4-pack of chemicals is included).

Options & Accessories

Turbo Service (3rd Motor Option)

CryptoPay Credit Card System


High Polished Mirror Finish


In-Ground vaults


Multi-Coin Acceptor

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