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Vend-It 2000

Durable, secure, and easy to install, the Vend-It™ is a profitable service addition to a variety of business models. Only the Vend-It uses a patented (No. 6,994,230) rear-load design, and coin pulse technology! With its high-security construction, the Vend-It delivers maximum profits, performance and security for your business.

Product Specifications

Uses standard coin-pulse coin acceptor and bill acceptor (SensortronTM and Talos T612 are standard). Credit card optional.

Not a modified snack vendor


Customer Friendly:

  • Makes change

  • Motor fault prompts customer to make a different selection

Easy to Set up and Flexible

  • Fully and truly rear serviceable (Patent No. 6,994,230)

  • Per item pricing


Completely operator configurable – no tools required

  • Vend up to 32 items from 4 shelves

  • Mix and match motor position and/or type (single or dual drive) in any configuration you desire

  • Machine controller automatically senses the location of each motor and reconfigures itself


Easy to Maintain

  • Walk-by fault indicator

  • Low coin level in hopper

  • Bill validator out of service

  • Motor fault

Provides individual testing of the coin mechanism, coin hopper and each motor (individually, by row, all)


Designed to Maximize and Safeguard Profits

  • Full data logging gives accountability: Total deposited, bills deposited by denomination, coins deposited, and quantity of items vended


Built to Last

  • NEMA-4 waterproof enclosure for the display & input keypad

  • Remotely mounted machine controller 


Best Security

  • Enhanced Security: Door constructed of 12-gauge stainless steel 1/2”thick Lexan layer with 1/4” thick Lexan layer in front to allow inexpensive scratch replacement


Designed to Minimize Installation Costs

  • Rear door is easily reversible (like a refrigerator door)

  • Designed to be installed by two people without heavy equipment*Rough Wall Opening


Dimensions: 41”W x 54 5/8”H

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