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Product Specifications

Up to 5 foot spray coverage area using one ounce of solution per minute.


Recommended 3 to 4 minute vend time.


Easily sanitizes even the largest vans and SUV’s.


Virus killing power including COVID-19, bacteria and fungus when using an EPA approved solution.


Stainless Steel Cabinet:
12’ w x 15’ h x 18’ l


Dispensing hose & gun


110V 15 amp motor


Pay and Free Options Available

Coin, token and credit card

Sanitizing Station


Increase your profits while helping to protect your customers from COVID-19 with the new IVS Sanitizing Station.

Fueled by an EPA approved solution capable of killing viruses, bacteria and fungus, this profitable investment uses an industry proven dispensing hose and gun to project a 5 foot spay that helps sanitize vehicle interiors.

Perfect for Any Industry

Golf Carts


Car Pool

Police Work

Car Dealerships

Body Shops




Car Wash



Ride Sharing

Convenience Stores

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